About us

"The Citizens Fire Company was organized on Friday night, July 18, 1884 at a meeting held in the town Council Chamber, at which 49 persons were enrolled and an organization formed under the title of the Citizens Fire Company. The following officers were elected - President, John T. Colston; Secretary, J.W. Garner; Treasurer, D.S. Hughes; Captain, J.W. Russell; 1st Lieutenant, R.H. Phillips; 2nd Lieutenant, T.F. Eddy; 3rd Lieutenant, Chas. E. Bishop; Chief Engineer, Jno. E. Hilbert; Chief Hoseman, Chas. Parker. The company was incorporated on the 2nd day of February, 1897."

"A volunteer company since its organization, the Citizens Fire Company has by hard work of its faithful members, built up on of the best fire fighting organizations in this section of the state. Its members receive no compensation for their efforts and they welcome donations from the public at large to help them pay for, maintain and keep in condition their splendid fire fighting equipment."

- - - Excerpt from unknown newspaper article


Today, Citizens Fire Company continues its service to the citizens of Charles Town and outlying communities of Jefferson County. The members of the company continue to uphold its volunteer tradition and serve with professionalism and pride. The company is made up of administrative and fire fighting members, both male and female, and those young and old. Everyone has something to offer! We have approximately 50 active members and average approximately 1300 calls for service a year. 

The company currently houses one ladder truck, one engine, one rescue engine, a brush truck, two ambulances, a utility and one duty vehicle. Originally located on North West Street in Charles Town, the fire company relocated to its current location on Citizens Way in 2001. We are a growing department and encourage all of those who are interested in becoming a part of their community, who would be interested in volunteering their time, to contact us for an application.

We host many events throughout the year and we hope to see you all there!

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